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Carbon OffsettingUpdated 2 years ago

What is Carbon Neutral Delivery?

Carbon offsetting is compensating for carbon emissions which cannot be avoided by funding a carbon reduction or removal project elsewhere in the world. Selkie has partnered with Vaayu, the world’s first automated software for online retailers to track and cut their carbon emissions in real-time. Using machine learning, Vaayu helps companies reduce their impact on the planet and move toward carbon neutrality.

How does Vaayu work?

  1. Using our daily order information, Vaayu calculates the carbon footprint for all orders in real-time.
  2. The Carbon Model splits deliveries into individual pieces called hops. This is a complex process based on a variety of factors. Starting with the origin and the destination.
  3. Based on the hops a probabilistic model is used to determine the mode of transport for each hop. Different factors are combined using a Multivariate Gaussian model.
  4. For each hop an emission factor specific to mode of transport and carrier is then applied to the distance. Unlike other models the result is a normal distribution instead of a flat number, allowing Vaayu to accurately estimate the accuracy of the result. Emission factors are always as holistic as possible. For example they utilize radiation factors from flights, use Well-to-Wheel and Life Cycle Analysis data.

How is it calculated?

The carbon footprint of deliveries is the kgCO2e emitted in delivering products from our warehouse to you the customer. 

Kg CO2e is the carbon dioxide equivalent of emissions. This means that all the greenhouse gases are added together and converted into CO2 to measure the impact of deliveries. 

The average kg CO2e for deliveries (carbon dioxide equivalent emissions), includes methane and other greenhouse gases.

What is Selkie’s Offset project?

We have selected Nature Based Solutions (certified by a reliable third-party) which help protect and restore natural ecosystems with nature-based carbon projects. You can see an overview of Selkie's emissions over the last three months here.

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